Digital Artefact Ideas

  • Camping: Blog about camping experiences, share photos from camping, good locations to go camping, reasons why you should go camping, camping tips.


  • Marine: Blog about all things ocean and marine. Include weird and interesting facts about the sea and marine animals. Provide facts and information that are easy for anyone to understand.


  • Photography:
    • Connections: Blog based on exploring connections relating to familial connections, friends, connection to self and connection nature. Explore the different aspects through writing and represent visually through photography.
    • Photography in general: Blog about photography regarding the power of it, how it is important and influential it is. Explore the different styles of photography.
    • Focus on wellbeing and inspiring readers: With a strong focus on representing through photography, blog about various topics. Include perspectives, creativity, positivity, appreciation, being intentional, pick a poem/quote and share my interpretation of it through photography,  share experiences and inspire people with them (eg. blog about going bushwalking and then encourage others to do the same), explore the connection between written and visual mediums.
  • INSPIRE people to make connections other than virtual connections. eg. connection with self, connection with surroundings/environment. Achieve through word press blog and photography. Use Instagram to gain audience.
  • Visual journal  – do photographic series on a poem or quote. Possibly progress to writing my poetry to pair with my photos. Purpose would be to inspire people on numerous levels. Use Instagram and WordPress blog.



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