‘Medium is the Message’

” The medium is the message” tells us that noticing change in our societal or cultural ground conditions indicates the presence of a new message, that is, the effects of a new medium’

Mark Federman

The concept embodied within McLuhan’s  phrase ‘the medium is the message’ articulates that when a new medium emerges, it formulates a new message. This impacts audiences differently compared to the effects of past media, causing significant changes in society.

For my digital remediation of  ‘the medium is the message’, I have chose to draw upon the aspect of the media formatting audience behaviour, which dramatically impacts societal trends in relation to media usage.

In the past, Legacy Media  forced audiences to passively consume and conform to its mediums such as the record player restricting people to a permanent space in order to listen to music. However, with the emergence of digital media, audiences are empowered to access and engage with diverse mediums and convergent media interfaces. This allows the convenience of audience mobility and active participation in its content curation and aggregation, thus reflecting the paradigm shift of the message in this digital revolution.




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  1. You brought up some very important points in regards to the concept ‘the medium is the message’. I liked your example of legacy media in contrast to convergent media and how it has altered society. Overall you were very articulate with your wording and you did a great job at encapsulating the main ideas raised in the lecture.

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  2. Your post was super informative! especially in regards to giving background on ‘the medium is the message’ & the concept behind it. I really enjoyed the references to legacy media and how the mediums have emerged! Really great post, i would love to hear you go into a little more depth i think it would be super interesting! Great job 🙂

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  3. Your blog is really wonderfully formatted – I found it really easy to navigate and the simple design made it pleasing to read. I like the way you incorporated a quote into your information as well, it’s a great idea to help break up the writing and show that you’ve done some extra research! My only suggestion for you might be to include a real life example of how this concept can be illustrated – or even a personal experience to back up the lecture based content. Also, awesome job on the meme!!

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