‘Glitchy’ Stuff

( Just in case people didn’t catch my terrible pun, I was playing on the idea that this is ‘tricky’ stuff, as I initially struggled with this weeks lecture content)

The emergence of digital craftsmanship has given us more power to create, manipulate and transform the meaning of content through digital manipulation and trending art forms such as glitch art. The creative practice of this new medium applies to McLuhan’s ideological position ‘the medium is the message’ as whether it be creating from scratch or appropriating or manipulating already existent art, the application of this digital medium transforms the message being communicated.

When considering the message of glitch art, a cultural shift in craft making is communicated through the dynamics of the medium. The fact that ‘Glitch artists, use a medium that plays an active role in determining the final piece of art’ reflects the re-evaluation of creative practices and the circumstances of unpredictability which is embedded into the practice as a core component of the medium.

Glitch art has not only transformed craft making processes, but it has also introduced new aesthetic experiences which can influence an artwork’s meaning.

For instance, this photograph by Cait Miers  {her work is amazing, and I highly recommend you check out her portfolio}  is stylised through the bare, soft, natural, and minimal connotations which combine to shape your aesthetic experience.


(Image source)

Whereas, when I digitally manipulate it and ‘glitch’ the image,


(Gif created here)

It dramatically transforms your aesthetic experience to one that would be graphically disorientating and structurally noisy with a bombardment of shape and colour, consequently changing the meaning of the photograph.

Even though the image has been structurally broken and digitally manipulated to make it appear as though a malfunction has occurred, the occurrence of this technological error within the art form is not as nonsensical as you may have initially perceived.



But in fact, glitch art has actually established itself as an influential medium that has the capability to transform aesthetic experiences and the meaning of art that it is applied to.



(Gif created here and here)


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  1. Hi, loved your post! Your exploration of digital art and how it has changed the game when it comes to mediums is very thorough and impressive, and the gif is very effective! I think you’re spot on about digital media introducing new aesthetic experiences, especially in this day and age as we, frequent internet users, are more conditioned to prefer a digital landscape, rather than a traditional one. Perhaps this is due to being brought up during a time of rapid technological growth? How ironic that an over 50 year old statement ‘the medium is the message’ still applies, considering how advanced we have become since McLuhan first coined the phrase.

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