Collective Intelligence

“No one knows everything, everyone knows something”   Levy Pierre

Our knowledge comes from experiences and as we have all had different experiences to those around us, we all have knowledge that is of variation to each other. So a person could have expertise in a certain area yet have limited knowledge in another. So if we group a bunch of individuals together, overall the group would have a wider pool of knowledge that can contribute towards a common goal. This is what we call collective intelligence.

With the nature of decentralised networks, people are empowered to share their individual knowledge and experiences which contribute to the curation, aggregation and dissemination of content across media platforms. This mode of collaboration and audience participation is a powerful tool which is being applied to journalism, revolutionising the practice. The organisation Storyful filters through content shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to source stories and verify the accuracy of them.

In itself, I believe that this is a form of collective intelligence as people are sharing content on social media platforms with the general goal of wanting to publicize their experiences and share their stories with the public, whether that may be where someone went out for lunch or possibly even ‘defining moments around the world’ like a freak weather storm. Storyful then utilises this social form of collective intelligence to identify valuable content and provide news stories that can be disseminated to audiences.



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  1. Hiya, this was an interesting read! I thought the quote at the beginning was nice addition as it put the blog post into perspective. Also the example of storyful was nice to tie in the lecture content in regards to journalism. I found it interesting that at the bottom of the storyful page they had their partners list, which included a number of big corporations including coca cola, google and abc news. Do you think they could have a hidden agenda?

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    1. That is an interesting occurrence that I didn’t even notice, thanks for bringing it to my attention. From previous lectures I have grown more sceptical of everything online. I reckon your onto something – surely there are ulterior motives and bias content production going on here


  2. Hi Kara,
    Reading your post, it is clear that you have understood this weeks topic as you have presented your ideas in both a concise and simple way.
    Your example of Storyful, although not an example i would have personally chosen to represent the discussed topic, is indeed an example of collective intelligence. Whereas I, Myself, have chosen a very specific example of collective intelligence ‘Clickworkers’ by NASA, your example is quite broad and touches upon the idea of distributed and citizen journalism.
    Overall, a great post, well done 🙂

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  3. Hi! I believe you have a thorough understanding of this week’s lecture content as I can see that you could explain the definition of collective intelligence quite straightforward and how you related its example to journalism. The meme’s also relevant to the topic.
    This is an incisive blog post about collective intelligence in Journalism. I hope it would help you broaden your knowledge or get some ideas from other’s perspective about this topic:
    Last but not least, a compliment on the quote you added on the top as it leads readers to your topic and makes it more interesting.

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  4. Loved the quote at the beginning, it was a great start to a great blog post.
    Your reflection on collective intelligence and how it works, and how it is effecting modern journalism was very clear and concise.
    Keep up the great work

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